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Hi good people,

I was a sufferer of depression for more than a year , and lately im feeling my life coming back again. I know how hard it is and I serioursly understand your suffering cause I have been through this monster for a long time. I had lots of anxiety and panick attacks with some help of medications and always looking foward to life, I think its helping me a lot . If youre still a teenager or young adult go out with your friends and dance the night away (((pls avoid alcahol because alcahol is a depressant))).

Never say never !!!!. Theres really hope for this condition dont ever tell yourself im not going to get over it!!!! You will be out if you fight over and over.. Believe me . You have to belive in you believe in yourself and you will see that theres always a light at the end of every tunnel!!!!

Keep it up and God bless you!!!


New person now!!!! Gilbert



Hi Gilbert! I actually remember you posting when you were feeling really bad and I'm so glad to read about how happy you are now! Do you have any tips or tricks on how to get better? I think that you're doing really well now and I think you can serve as a real inspiration to people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Let me know if you have any insight. Thanks!


hi healthfitnessguy,

The secret to fight it its to try to be with people, socialise , eat healthy food and go out with your friends to dance the night away. Anyway medication will help a bit too. Try to do the least as much as you can on the day!!. Try to sleep good and do hobbies like me I like playing snooker a lot so I will go to play even when I dont feel like it I try to do my best and push myself out !!!.....I know how hard it is sometimes and I really understand your pain... But remember that we only live once and we only have one life and we must try to take as much as we can from it!!!

Try to join groups with friends and if you leave near beach go and enjoy it !!!. Take vitamins like Sanatogen and Omega 3 oil they help too!!

Anyway I wanted to share this post with you I hope it will helps a bit !!!

Take care and always enjoy yourself with simple things!!!!