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What exactly is renauld's Phenomenon Disease. I was just recently diagnosed with this and I don't understand. Is it fatal? Is there a cure?


Hello there! It would be helpful if you shared some more information about your personal symptoms and experience with this disease because the treatment depends upon your symptoms and an underlying cause if present.
In Raynaud's disease, blood can’t reach certain parts of your body because blood vessels had tighten under the skin. When the blood doesn’t reach these parts, they turn blue and cold. It is usually fingers and toes, but it may affect nose and ears as well. This condition is aggravated with cold exposure.
This condition can occur on its own but it can be secondary to other conditions such as lupus or scleroderma.
The condition is not fatal although there is no cure but it could be managed and there are some things you can do to help.
If you are smoking, you should stop, because smoking constricts blood vessels and leads to hardening of the arteries, which can further impair oxygen supply to the extremities.
You need to pay attention not to hurt your hands and your feet. In case this happens, any infection or wound should be treated promptly in order to prevent more serious infections.
Another thing you can do is avoid stress as it often contributes to the attacks.
Have you already been prescribed a treatment? Your doctor may decide to prescribe a drug that relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, so that the blood could flow more easily.
You should always keep your hands and feet warm and wear warm things in cold weather especially gloves and socks. You may even have to be careful when opening a freezer for food, because this as well may trigger an attack.
You need to learn to relax, stay calm, not get upset as this only triggers vasospasms and impair your blood circulation.