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Hi, I was just wondering about starting up running as an activity.  Do you think it is ok to start a running program as a diabetic?  I know foot problems are a common problem with being diabetic and I was thinking maybe the stress from running could aggravate the problem?  I don't want to get sores on my feet and what they call neuropathy in my legs if running causes that.  If I can't run, what exercises would be better?  Is there anything I can do to improve circulation in my legs?  Thank you! Any input to this problem would be appreciated.


By all means, if you are in good shape and have a great pair of athletic shoes, run to your heart's content!  Many times people start a walking program when trying to control their blood sugars, but running is a great way to burn that glucose out of your system.  You just need to make sure your shoes do not rub blisters on your heels, toes, and bottoms of your feet.  This is where diabetics have problems.  Exercise helps circulation so to answer your question about neuropathy and such, you will help improve that with regular exercise.  You just have to watch that you do not injure yourself while running.  Be safe and stay in public areas or well-lit streets at night.  Having someone to run with will keep you faithful to the program plus it is more enjoyable to have a person to talk to while exercising.  You can incorporate weight training, swimming, and other activities into your exercise regime as well.  If your heart is set on running, participating in marathons or events that raise money for nonprofit organizations is a fun way to run AND possibly win something.  You get a free t-shirt in any event!  There are many ways to be active, so don't let diabetes stand in your way of being healthy!