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Hello everyone, On July 19,2013 I had a bunion, tailor bunion and three hammertoes repaired. It took a while for this to heal. Two of the toes still were not straight enough and I still couldn't put on a shoe. Unfortunately I had to have another surgery to try and correct the two toes. On October 18, 2013 I had that surgery. The pain is so bad at times I can hardly walk. I still am unable to put a shoe on and have to use a cane in order to walk so I can have some support. This has been an ongoing and painful process. My question is how long do you think this will last meaning the pain and swelling ? Thank youfor your aassistance.


Hello Ko,

I can certainly sympathize with you has I have hammer toes.  Since you have two surgeries it could take some time.  I'm thinking about 6 months or so.  My hammer toes still give me problems so I've had to go to open toed shoes.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to wear closed toed shoes again.  Make sure you shoes are not putting any pressure on your feet anywhere and wear some socks to cushin your entire foot.  When I'm at home, I wear slipper socks to keep my feet comfortable.  If you doctor didn't give you an antiinflammatory drug, you might consider taking some motrin.  That helped me in the beginning.  I don't like to take pharmaceuticals but on occasion I will do an over the counter drug for a short period of time.