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Around 12 pm - 2 pm I jacked it off.  Then me and my girlfriend had sex around 10 pm. We didn't use a condom and it was our first time ever for both of us.  I stuck my penis in her before so it wouldn't be as tight for when we actually have sex but that's it. I pulled out before I finished and she finished me after I pulled out so we didn't get any cum in her. But I might've pre-ejaculated inside her.  When I pulled it out halfway through there was a little white. But I know that girl's cum can be a little white. So I put it back in, only pulling it out when it got dry and she would give a quick blowjob to wet it up. She said she tasted something so it could've been the pre-cum.  But since I jacked off in the late morning/afternoon, I probably urinated 3 - 4 times, one of them a few minutes before we started.  I know that urinating washes out any of the excess sperm from when I did earlier.  So what would the chances of her getting pregnant if any of my pre-cum got in her?


It is also a week before the ovulating time of her period.