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Last night me and my boyfriend were fooling around. He "got wet" in his pants without his touching his penis so i assume it is just pre-cum (is that right???) after he got wet he touched his penis for a second then rubbed my vagina. he did not put his finger in my vagina but only rubbed the hole & pushed it a little. A little later i touched his penis then touched his hair for a couple minutes then touched my vagina and just rubbed it. No fingers or anything were actually inserted into my hole. I dont think he actually cummed bc his penis was never rubbed nor did he jack off so 2 questions: 1. Was that cum or pre-cum? 2. Can i get pregnant from precum??


Do you know how much semenal fluid he discharged? If it was a small amount it was likely precum. Precum doesn't always contain sperm and you never fully inserted your fingers into your vaginal opening.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that you could be pregnant.

This is a very common concern. I'd suggest a different technique in fooling around. Something like mutual masturbation.