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Me and my boyfriend were having sex and when we were through we noticed the condom wasn't on his penis.
it had slipped off into my vagina...
what im worried the precum coming out of the condom when it slipped off because when we are usually through and take the condom off there is a lot of fluid in there...
i'm worried i could possibly be pregnant.


It is not typical to get pregnant via pre cum. Did he actually cum in the condom then it came off, or did he cum after he pulled out of you?
If he came inside the condom, then you lost it, the chance you are pregnant is there. There wouldn't be enough pre cum in the condom to actually come out anyway. Pre cum is a very little bit of clear liquid that leaks out of the penis before ejaculation and on arousal.
Check your calender and see where you were at the time this happened.


Yes it is possible but its a slim chance. Precum only contains sperm if he has ejaculated and did not urinate before intercourse.

To get pregnant you must be ovulating or very near to ovulation, even if that the chance of becoming pregnant is between 25-85%. Don't stress, you always have a choice!