Hi guys. Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time last month three days after my period. As we were performing sexual activities, I noticed a clear liquid coming from the head of his penis. I was like, "Wtf is that??? Does it get you pregnant?? " So that night we had sex (it hurted like hell) and afterwards I was worried because we didn't use protection so I started researching (that made me worry even more). I started to notice signs of pregnancy but later on the next month I went to the bathroom at school and I noticed I got my period. Lol thank you lord! (I was one day late though) Ill never have sex without protection ever again, I learned my lesson. So those of you that are worried about getting pregnant from precum don't be! Precum CAN'T get you pregnant unless your partner as ejaculated a few hours earlier. Precum is just dead sperm, just be careful! Byyeee loves :) -Cali