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me and my girlfriend started having sex on monday and she says she was supposed to get her period on tuesday. but her periods have sometimes been irregular. usually never arriving on the same date. it still hasnt come yet and its friday tomorrow... we had sex twice monday, skipped tuesday, twice wednesday, and today thursday. we did not use protection any of the times and she is not on the pill. i had pulled out every time or even way before i was about to cum. i would like to know the chances of her being pregnant please, also she has been under a lot of stress lately and was active in the begining of the month and now this pregnant talk and such is getting her and myself VERY stressed out and worried and super scared.


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hey guest why arn't you guys using some sort of protection if you are having sex!!!! because you had sex twice in one day and ejaculated both times the second time you had sex there was probably still some semen in your urethra that most likley got expelled into your gf vagina the second time you had sex. did you urinate after the first time u ejaculated and before the second time you had sex? how many times? did you wash your penis off? are you circumsized? all of these play a role in how big of a chance there is for your girl frined to be pregnate. also how old are you?

i wouldnt worry yet as there is still a good amount of time for her period to show up. 8)