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Please help. I'm 33 year old and mother of two kids aged 11 and 8. Now I'm tested pregnant for 7 weeks. Ultrasound scan was taken and doctor said it is early stage and sac is very small.I've been adviced to do a rescan after 2 weeks. Now I've found blood stain in the usual discharge following urination for the past 4 days. There is no flow however. I'm really worried. :-( Please advice.


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You should have this checked. If the urine color was changed and looks red, pink or similar, it could be due to something red you’ve eaten. However, if these are truly blood stains, you need to be examined for possible urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney problems, STD’s, or other systemic diseases.

UTI’s (including bladder and kidneys) can be successfully treated with antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy. You should be also checked for sexually transmitting organisms as these could cause troubles and even pass to a child during delivery and cause problems.

It could be kidneys stones as well. They are hard to remove during pregnancy but you still need to consult a doctor.

Diseases like diabetes, lupus or sickle cell anemia can be causing blood in the urine.

If you don’t treat an UTI, it could result in preterm delivery.


Hi, I am in exactly same situation - time wise and 'problem wise' - but first time pregnant. was at the doc and asked, but check up and scan was ok so far - back again in two weeks. eventhough doc said all looks ok at the moment I am very worried and will call doc once more tomorrow. Suggest you go to doc and have this checked since blood stain can always be something serious. take care