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what are the requirements to have your tubes tied ?


That you don't want children, you also should be TOTALLY ready for this - as in if the reason why you are having this might change in the future and how would you feel! It is also surgery, so you have to think about that - the outcome the time off etc.! Also there is a syndrome called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome - VERY painful periods! Would you be able to handle this IF it happened!

Get as much information about this as possible, write down ALL your questions for your doctor to answer! Also know that tubal ligation is not 100% guarantee that you wont get pregnant! It can happen and sometimes does! IF you got pregnant after a tubal you are Highly likely to have an etopic pregnancy! So keep that in mind too = BUT that is VERY rare! Just one of the things to keep in mind OK?

Good luck and health - I hope this answered some of your questions!