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My 16 yr old daughter has Cushing's disease from a pituitary tumor...she is facing a 3rd resection surgery in a week or so...the Dr has suggested removing her entire pituitary glad as a last concerned about her ability to conceive a child in the future...her tumor produces ACTH... my husband questioned should we have her eggs harvested for future use...we get mixed answers from the endocrinologist. ..and do not want to add more worry to our child's life by dragging her to a reproductive OB right im looking for answers here.. as the surgery will be soon I would love a quick answer.. thank you all so much!!


Hello, momofcushie.... You are a great mom for looking after your daughter.  Fortunately, the answer is simple.  Your daughter will be put on replacment hormones to replace the ones the pituitary would normally produce. She will be on these for the rest of her life.  If she wants to become pregnant, she will have to take hormones to sustain having a baby growing inside her.  I would think that the hCG would be part of the therapy when she decides to get pregnant.  She may have to do it under close watch by her OB/GYN.  I hope for the best for your daughter! 

Has any of our female forum readers have their pituitary removed? Did you become pregnant?