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I tan and have for 3 years now ( no not that dark haha) When I first started at another salon years ago I was told that I could not tan while pregnant and from that I have taken it on myself (at the new salon I go to) to freeze my tanning minutes while I have another baby ( i had to do that last yr) But I was just in tanning the other day and heard 1 of the girls working there mention that they have it now where you CAN tan while preg the rays do not harm the baby as everyone says but they just need a release form from the Dr.

What are your thoughts or if you have any info or links???
PLease and thank you


I would personally avoid using a tanning salon if your trying to become pregnant, or if you already are. If your doubting it now, it's best not to take the chances regardless of what anyone says. If there was any risk at all, doesn't matter how minor, its best to avoid during the 9 months of pregnancy.