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Hi. I am planning to start tanning tomorrow. I am light skinned, but I actually tan easily. I know that tan beds are bad. I used to tan in a tanning bed sometimes, but I always end up with irritated skin. Are tanning lotions better solution than tanning bed? Can anyone recommend a good lotion to use, mostly for my legs because they just don't tan fast enough. I've heard that the lotions with tingle factor are really good. Has anyone here tried them?


Hi. I prefer an actual tan and I'd recommend you to go out and get some sun. Of course, this depends on where you live. Natural tanning is the best solution. Both tanning beds and tan lotions are bad for you. Also, neither bed tan nor spray tan stay on permanently. But, if you choose between these two I suggest you use tanning lotions occasionally and sun tanning the rest of the time. It is much cheaper. If you choose to use tanning beds make sure to use good UV protection because using tanning beds may cause a skin cancer.