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I had unprotected sex several times in the past month. I take my birth control pill every day at the same time give or take an hour or so. I believe that I am at least 95% covered by my BC. Now, during the unprotected sex, I'm sure some sort of pre-cum was involved. I know for a fact that pre-cum does not in itself contain sperm, but it could possibly flush out any sperm remaining in the urethra. Prior to sex and afterwards, he peed (flushing out the urethra) and every time that we had unprotected sex, it would be several minutes after he stopped having sex that he would finally cum. So I know for a fact that he never came inside of me. I was due to get my period today or tomorrow, but since I'm so stressed about getting it, I'm sure I'm sending my body in a tizzy. What is the likelihood of me being pregnant from this?(I am well educated on sex, I understand the risks when I had sex. I'm wondering the likelihood.)


Hi Guest,

You are taking your pill as directed and your chances of pregnancy are very low, about 1 in 100.

You don't need to worry about him ejaculating in you or precum.  That's what the pill is for.  You are protected against pregnancy, but not STD's.

Hope it helps.