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I had sex with my boyfriend about 4 weeks ago. We didn't use a condom thought. He pulled out before he could cum but I'm aware that I could still get pregnate from precum.. I'm suppose to get my period sometime this week but I'm still scared I could be pregnate. Help please?


hi there :)

Even though there is always a risk of pregnancy if you have unprotected sex, in this case i think it will be very unlikely, if you had sex 4 weeks ago and u haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary i would say that your just fine.

Pre-cum doesn't contain sperm, it will only ever contain sperm if the male had ejaculated before hand. I think in this case your pretty lucky but things you can look out for are tender breasts, mood swings or late/missed period, if these happenings occur then you should get a pregnancy test to be sure but in the end result its very unlikely that someone will fall pregnant just from pre-cum.


But u need to understand the seriousness of this ! if your not on the pill and not using a condom "pulling out" doesn't always mean its safe, even though pre-cum doesn't have sperm in it there is still always a chance ! if you dont want a pregnancy then use a condom or go on the pill !!


i hope everything turns out well .. best wishes :)