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Four about four weeks now I have been having pregnancy symptoms:
nausea (especially in the car)
lower back pains
slightly darker nipples
redish/purple-ish vaginal lips
Slight constipation at around week 1+2

SO far I have taken four pregnancy tests, two of which were way before my period was due, one 4 days before my period was due, and one the day after my period was due (a.k.a yesterday)

Last night I had a slight light brown discharge, and this morning it was almost as if I had started my period but it was black and very thick. Shortly after it turned brownish and then red. But it still remained thick (kind of clumpy) It is odorless, and I was getting very slight cramping (less painful than my usual periods). I don't think it's my period though.

I'm really nervous and wondering what it could be.

(I don't know if it matters but my boyfriend and I had sex last night.. could that cause the bleeding?)


Don't be afraid sometimes it happens. If you noticed thia again you should visit your doctor. My cousin had 9 month bleeding during his pregnancy.