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I had an abortion with RU486 4 weeks ago. (7th pregnancy weeks, embryo lived for 30 days) since then I had protected intercourse, but not sure the condom was intact.
Now, 30 days after the abortion, still no period, an start having breast pain again (might it just be psychological?). When I do a pregnancy test, it is negative, but slightly turns to positive after 10-20 minutes.

My abortion went well, the echography showed that I had en expulsion. Might I be pregnant again?

Thank you


I know what ur going through.dec 9 2009 I had a surgical at 5weeks and was carrying twins.About a month later I started feeling nausea and cramping, back pain.I took home pregnancy tests and they were positive. I went to the doctor and he had blood work done and i wasnt pregnant but my body still had alot of hormones in my system.I also found out that its normal to start feeling like that so don't worry.Its feb and I still haven't gotten my period but after another doctors visit I was told its normal and in some people it just takes longer .If you are concerned explain to your doctor and have your HCG levels checked!!!I hope I was helpful!!