i had my fallaopian tubes rremoved when my twins were 2 years old,,, aafter getting pregnant a year after they clamped my tubes !!!! My husband has reminded me that im very late!!! i have just been very poorly with nausea, vomiting and tiredness to the extremems for 2 weeks, the doc asked if preg i said no way, , read this site last night, and did a test, one was slightly pos pale line the other neg, so went to see doc, he said he has first hand experience of a woman taking him to court because she said she was preg and had her tubes removed and she was preg luckily the judge threw the case out, my doc, knows iv been poorly, (which is how i was with my twin pregnancy) nausea's headaches tiredness) he is doing a blood test and sending me for a scan, he also said not only can an egg find it's way to the womb without a tube but the tubes can also sometimes partially regenerate, so the lady that said no you cant get preg without tubes, who made you a dr, cos my doc knows it can happen i dont want another baby, but lets face it if you got no tubes and get preg, then that is one miracle, i will post and let you know what the scan and blood tests reveal, also if yu do getr positive reslut it can be something other than pregnancy, like cysts......hope this helps some ladiesxxxxxxxx