My last period occured on october 27th and I then had sex on the 4th 5th and 8th of this month. I also had sex yesterday on the 15th all times unprotected.

I cramped on the 9th mildly enough to wear it didnt hurt but i could sure feel it. I was pretty sure i ovulated that day. But then today I got more cramps very odd Im not due to start for atleast another week. Implantation cramps possibly???

i dont know but i dont get period like cramps untill like an hour before i start my period...

And this past week I have never had such bad headaches, they come and go and sometimes last for hours. Ive been feeling sick after I eat. The nausea also comes and goes. But I do not feel like myself. Something just isnt right especially with these headaches.

what do you think this could mean?

could I possibly be pregnant?