i have been having periods however these have been very irregular and all over the place! i have taken numerous preg tests all negative. even tried different brands. i am slim anyway but have noticed my stomach gettin a little larger, i didnt start showing atall with my little girl until i was 6 months gone so it isnt unusual that im still slim if i am preg. i have now started feeling movements even when prodding my stomach so they are not in my head. i brought a prenatal listening device today and i could most definately hear thumps and movements on it. i could hear a low heart beat too - which i dont think was mine.
i just dont no what to do. i should go docs but i have read on many forums that alot of doctors havent really listend. so i dont no whether to go to mine. would a midwife be able to just check for me with there heartbeat devices or could i just ask for an ultrasound?