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 Whenever I get full, I appear to have a pregnant belly that I cannot suck in. I did have a episode last month where the condom broke but my period came. Im still waiting on this months period. My belly button hurts, the area underneath my belly button hurts, i get cramps down there, i feel nauseous at times, i sometimes feel very faint "jitters" in my belly button area, and occasionally my breasts hurt. I know that I should take a pt, but i dont want to waste money if im not actually pregnant. Could i be, based on the symptoms described above?


Well, if you would have gotten pregnant last month, I highly doubt it would be showing that much yet! So I think it's caused by being full, remember, a lot of things happen in your belly area when food is going through your system. Ever heard of a term called "Food baby"? It's when a fairly slim person eats a lot to the point of being full and actually looking pregnant! :-D
Now, you had your period, it was on time and regular flow? I'd say you shouldn't worry, although of course there are always stories out there on periods during pregnancy etc. Broken condoms are always quite the scare. Now, when it comes to the other things you are experiencing, it could very well just be your head. Call it the matrix effect, like in the movie, if you die in the matrix, you die in the real world. So, if you convince your head that pregnancy has occurred, your body will start acting like it is pregnant! I am a walking example of that, still being convinced until 6 months after having sex for the first time that I was pregnant although I was getting my periods and didn't gain any weight or ANYTHING! :-D but boy did I intemperate any movement in my stomach as a baby kicking lol!
Relax for now and wait for your next period, if it comes then I'd say your out of the woods. Although, nothing is stopping you from getting a test right now, I know that they are frustrating to put money on when you are in doubt of being pregnant, but they do come fairly cheap and usually most of them are accurate!

Hope this helps and best of luck to you! :-)