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"The more men who get rich on the competitive plane, the worse for others; the more who get rich on the creative plane, the better for others." --The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles
How many people do you know who, having achieved financial wealth through competition, are inwardly peaceful and joyful?

When you are focused on achieving financial success through competition, you are coming from a belief system that centers around the concept of lack. You believe that resources are finite so you must fight for them. Fighting for them means that you might need to take from others to give to yourself. Rather than enhancing others' lives through your work, you might need to use others to achieve your goals. When reaching your goals through competition is your guiding force, the means justifies the end and integrity is lost in the process. 
The wounded self generally believes that we can get what we want only through controlling others, rather than through devoted self-control. Through many forms of controlling others, such as being judgmental, righteous, angry, threatening, lying, and so on, the wounded self attempts to achieve its goals. The cost of behaving in these ways is that there is no possibility of love, inner peace, or joy - no possibility of connection with Spirit. People who attempt to achieve through competition are often not able to get their frequency high enough to connect with the love, peace and joy of Spirit. They can bully their way into material success, but true happiness may elude them.
There is another way of achieving financial success. This can occur when you give your wounded self a new job - a new form of control: controlling your thinking, and therefore your feelings, to create what you want in life.
When we choose the intent to learn rather than to control others, we each have access to creative thought. Creative thought is the thought that comes THROUGH us from our spiritual Guidance when we are open to learning about what is most loving to ourselves and others. Creative thought does not originate in the mind - it comes through the mind. 
The thoughts that originate in the mind come from the beliefs that have been programmed into us from birth - such as:
  • There isn't enough to go around
  • It's a dog eat dog world
  • First come, first serve
  • Get it while you can
  • Nice guys finish last
  • The means justify the ends
These programmed beliefs might lead you to take advantage of others whenever you can, to take more than you give, and to relinquish caring in business matters.

Shifting from controlling others to true self-control is a shift in thinking. The loving Adult knows that:

  • Thought is creative. Nothing comes into form without first being a thought.
  • The universe is creative and abundant, and we can tap into the abundance through our own creative thought.
  • Creative thought comes from self-control - choosing to take full responsibility for whether we choose thoughts from our wounded ego mind, or from the truth of our spiritual Guidance. This is what we do have control over - our intent to learn truth from Spirit, or our intent to operate from the fears and beliefs of our wounded self and attempt to control others.  
The wounded self is incapable of self-control. Operating from fear, it continually thinks thoughts that create distress. We achieve self-control only when we choose to shift our intent from controlling to learning about loving ourselves and others.
When you shift your intent and choose to create your financial success through your creative thoughts and integrious actions, you will not only achieve financial success - you will also discover your peace and joy!

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