I am experiencing an uncomfortable feeling, or pressure, right below my left rib and it makes it really difficult to fall asleep on my right side (it's like the pressure increases, or pushing down ). It even makes breathing difficult and it feels like left lung doesn't fill out with air all that it can and i start breathing manually. It's not painful, it's just uncomfortable and makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. But when i lie on my left side the pressure disappears and it feels like i can breathe normally again. With that fact i feel like i cant use stress or anxiety as a reason, in that case i would feel it at all time. I've had this pressure for 4 years but no doctor has been able to figure out what it is. The pressure is from the inside. I am 22 years old, healthy in all ways otherwise. Please help, this pressure has such a control over my life because it causes such huge sleeping problem. English is not my first language so sorry if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes!