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Has anyone with Prinzmetal Angina experiences other symptoms? My sister was diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina and started experiencing other symptoms that make her feel like her body is slowly shutting down. The symptoms include extreme fatigue, muscle pain over entire body, night sweats, blood pressure drops low, shortness of breathe. She started having these symptoms months ago and seems to be getting worse. She has had numerous blood test but all come back normal. She is not able to receive the proper treatment for the Prinzmetal until they know why her system appears to be shutting down. Anyone with similar symptoms, I would appreciate advice.


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  IS a yahoo group that deals with prinzmetals angina.  You can join and browse the website and go through the archives of emails.

There are many people there from all over the world with a wide range of symptoms and also a wide range of things to do that help and even stop the spasms.

Please join the group.