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:-) Hi there. I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm having an issue with my 18 year old boyfriend.
I'm not unexperienced and I've never had any problems like this before.
He gets an erection okay and we start foreplay but he loses it quickly, even while I'm giving him oral.
I thought it was just that I was doing something he didn't like but he swears that everything there is great (I'm the first person he's had give him oral or any type of physical stimulation in that area).
The problem is that once he loses his erection, it takes a really long time for him to get another one and it's difficult for him.
I think it's just stage fright of some sort because with his last sexual partner they tried to have sex right away and as she was a virgin and he didn't want to hurt her, it would never 'work'.
We're both ready to have sex and we've talked about it and neither of us know what to do because I've never had this issue and he has very little experience with it.

Please, can I have some suggestions as to how to fix this?


It definitely sounds like he is having performance anxiety. I think that he's probably going to need some time and perhaps a little more foreplay before you and he can comfortably have sex. I think that especially because it takes him a long time to get hard again, that it is definitely mental. Keep us posted on how it goes, and please be sure to use a condom every single time. :-)


It isn't unusual for a healthy 18-year-old with otherwise normal erectile function to develop temporary erectile dysfunction. This is usually due to performance anxiety. This is not impotence, which is a chronic condition.

Tantric and Taoist philosophy offer a natural solution to overcoming or dealing with performance anxiety