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My name is Beth I'm 26 years old I'm 8 months pregnant this is my third child I've been pregnant 6 times previously there have been alot of complications with all my pregnancies. I'm getting ready to get a scheduled c-section on April 1st. I have been getting very dizzy and light headed and having alot of problems with my circulation. I have mentioned these things previously to my doctor but I have got no response of concern. I'm worried that there is something going on and I'm concerned for my well being as well as my baby's . My vaginal area has become very swollen and also having problems with my siatic nerve. Please if you have any advice I would appreciate it. I work full time and also have two other children so being off my feet is not an option. My first glucose test came back abnormal i'm waiting on the results from my 3 hr gluclose test. Please help !!!!!!!!!



Hello Beth. It can be really serious situation especially when someone is pregnant. 

We all do know that during pregnancy body undergoes many changes, and changes to your circulatory system are no exception. Now, if your circulatory system does not operate properly during pregnancy it can result in poor circulation. Also, this can cause so many other issues or it can even defect in your placenta or umbilical cord. 

It is dangerous and really pointless to tell what somebody should do in this case.

There are several things that everyone can recommend - for example, sleeping at one side of your body, but that is a really small thing that you can do.