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Hi, I'm a Caucasian male age 39 and I have noticed spots/ rings almost like fingerprint marks on my legs after taking a shower. They do not hurt or itch whatsoever. I have a history of high blood pressure but I took my pulse during the reaction and pulse was 72 BPM. I am worried about poor circulation or possibly any other problems these may present. I have taken pictures of the welts if needed. Please help.


Good day.

Have you ever went to see your doctor about this, to find out do you really have problems with blood circulation? You should. It is not something that will just go away.

Depends if are those splotches itchy or not. There are so many factors that you should consider.

But generally, trust me, there is no easy to way to find out what are those spots and are they related to your poor blood circulation or with some skin issue. 

Maybe, but just maybe it can be because of Pityriasis Rosea but I should not guess what this exactly is. Neither you should.