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i get this tightness on the sides of my neck


Hello there! It is very hard to say what you could do in order to alleviate the neck tightness when you haven’t provided any additional info.
There are many possible casues that could have contributed to your discomfort as well as option regarding what to do with it.

For example, if you sit at the computer for too long, your muscles may become too tense from this bad posture, so you should do some stretching exercise and walking away from the computer every 20 minutes to do some stretching or walking around.

Other common problems may appear from minor or major muscle injuries. You could be also experiencing problems with your spine, like changes in the discs and vertebrae at your upper spine.
Do you have any additional symptoms? How long have you felt this discomfort?

Do you work or live under stressful conditions? Stress and aging could casue your problems, as well as different strains and sprains, herniated discs ( already mentioned in spine problems), arthritis, etc

The best thing would be to understand the source of the pain, so that you could act on it.
Some of the solutions could be stretching exercises, massage, applying ice, medicines, physical therapy, stress management, etc