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Desperate for some help please x It started with visions problems - like computer pixels on 24th oct - almost had a heart attack with the fright - took to ibruprofen and it went away. Mum thought migrane - 4 days later - had a full blown panic attack & went to docs - they said sinus infection & gave me antibiotics. Didnt work. 2 weeks went by when i was a total nervous wreak with constant head pressure at the base of my skull, facial pressure, floaters in eyes, jaw pain & stiff neck. Another 2 weeks of antibiotics and still no result. Doc says anxiety and other doc says probs anxiety but referred me to general medicine at the hospital to double check. Appointments not until 24th of this month. Since then had all blood tests done - b12, liver, kidneys, thyroid ect all normal. Waiting on results for lyme disease but doc thought i was mental for even asking for it! Since then, i havent had any sugar whatsoever in 10 weeks, live on anxiety good foods like greens and banannas ive lost 2 1/2 stone and i take b12, b complex, vitamin d & c daily. Ive reduced my anxiety tenfold, but still have constant head pressure and ear popping? Recently ive started slurring/mixing up words aswell I still have neck tightness & wonder if its all to do with it. Ive had deep tissue massages for 6 weeks with no real benefit. I feel like im doing everything in my power but i just cant shift it? Im wonderin if anyone else is in the same boat where anxiety just wont leave them even when they think theyre doing really well? Also having constant head pressure for 10 weeks is driving me nuts! Any help please xx


Hello, how are you. I am new on here. I have had panic attacks for 20 years. I understand your pain. Panic attacks suck. They can affect your body in so many ways. I deal with it most every day. Not easy. Of course your past emtional relationships or abuse does not help. This is where mine come from. I am survivor, and still surviving every day through prayer, family, friends and doctors.