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What is the difference between these two type of doctors, and who can help me the most? How do you choose which to go to?


Well, psychologists diagnose mental disorders like and conduct psychological tests, interviews and may provide comfort to the patients through psychotherapy and hypnosis. However, they are not doctors and they cannot prescribe medications.

On the other hand, psychiatrists are doctors and they specialize in mental illnesses and behavioral disorders. They are experts for making differential diagnosis between various forms of psychosis. They can prescribe drugs and in the USA, doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants all may prescribe mental health medication. However, in other countries, only medical doctor can prescribe medications for mental disorders.

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and all forms of anxiety disorders.

What kind of problem do you have?

Psychiatrists often specialize in different areas like mood disorders, neuropsychiatry, psychopharmacology, eating disorders, etc