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Me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for the past 8 months. shes been on some medicine to help her out. i just got checked last week and the results came back saying that i have NO sperm count with what i ejaculate, its called azoospermia. i did some research on it and it can be obstructed or non-obstructed. with the obstructed it can be some several different things. i was kinda scared with this because in the past i have tried anal masturbation and i was wondering if that could have some how damaged anything causing me not to produce any sperm or if it did something to my prostate or my seminal vesicle or whatever. we have an apt with a specialist to find out more info but im nervous that it could have done this. any ideas? could have it or am i jus being paranoid? thank you


you didn't do this to yourself... anal masturbation is completely normal and extremely common... unless you had some sort of injury to your prostate during anal insertion.. you would definitely know if you had created this condition... it would have been extremely painful.

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