Hello. I hope everyone's doing well.

I wanted to share my health concerns here to see if I will get anywhere.

I'm a 23 year old female. (If it makes a difference in the following...

I had irregular heartbeats with shortness of breath. I normally go to bed at eleven, but when these irregular hearbeats occur, it prevents me from sleep till up to 3-4am. This MOSTLY occrs at night. It tends to hapen during the day, and hurts more when I choose to just sit down. It feels better if I'm moving around or walking while the symptoms last.

It can't be about too little sleep, I sleep a lot. Like 8 hours or more sometimes. And I dont even work (not then at least)

These symptoms scared me so much since I was 18 to the age of 20. After I got married, I became pregnant at 21years. These symptoms came back but not as bad as the ones I had from the age of 18-20. All thanks to God. Now, it barely occurs. Only once in a very long while. I don't understand what happened. Did I grow out of it? When I saw the cardiologist when I was pregnant, she said well its cuz your pregnant, I said no listen, I had these even before I got married, let along pregnant! She said well maybe its a panic attack. She took a bunch of tests that day and everything turned out normal. But she took the tests at a time when I didnt feel much pain. How can that test be accurate? And is there a risk of me returning to that state?

Anything will be appreciated and thanks in advance.