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I'm a 15 year old female and have been havering random pains all throught my body for a while now that seem to happen to matter where I am or what I'm doing and it kinda feels like a burning almost coming from right under the skin. A couple months after this started happening I would get random dizzy spells doing random things then I'll get a bad headache that feels like someone either squeezing my head or hitting me with a hammer that will last for like 2 minutes. A little after this I started getting this specific pain right in the middle of my chest inbetween my breast that makes it uncomfortable to breathe and will last a few minutes and happen randomly. I have also been very tired lately. I don't no if this is relevant but I also haven't had my period in like 5 months. I'm very athletic and work out and am on a soccer team and have never had these problems but now get all of them randomly.


Have you ever think about a food allergy?! For me it sounds like you have a histamine intolerance! All the symptoms a pretty similar to the histamine symptoms. But to make sure you are alright you should go to your doctor and make a test! If you are really histamine intolerance you can buy Daosin, which makes it possible to eat what ever you want! Hope you will find the solution for your problem!