A few days after having sex with my girlfriend, I noticed I started to get tiny little red dots around the tip of my penis... little pin size.

They sort of come up and became a little bigger but have subsided a bit but some are still there so haven't really gone awy so the tip looks kind of red.

I've looked up lots of STDs but it doesn't really match the descriptions well.
They are not like warts. They aren't "raised", they aren't sore in any way not even to touch. I have no other symptoms, I'm not feeling ill in any way. They haven't spread, nothing.

They are going away now it seems (after 2 weeks) but it is happening very slowly.

I'm told it could be either burst blood vessels from rough sex (she did grip a bit tight as I think it bursts a blood vessel lower down the shaft as it swelled out when we were having sex but went away after a day or two like a bruse would.), or the second thing was that it could be a yeast infection?? She was on her period if it makes any difference, was told this makes the yeast infection a slightly stronger possibility, we used a condom but there's the chance we may have touched before full intercourse.

Its going away now I think but its still sort of red, and only more noticable if I'm "excited" as theres more blood there I suppose, its just so slow to receed that I'm wondering.