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2 days ago i noticed a really bad pain in the middle of my stomach. I thought nothing of it and left it. Today its been worse and i have the pain now about every 10 mins. It made me feel a little dizzy and i got a headache. The pain last for a couple of seconds. My friend thought it might be food poisioning as we ate chicken that didnt taste so good. but i only felt ill i wasnt actually sick. It cant be my period as im not due on for about a week.

If you have any ideas about this please let me know. I hate doctors so would prefer to try and find out what the problem is and if nessasary i will go to the doctor.

Your help is appriciated

Thnxx :)


Stomach Flu, maybe?
I know at school the stomach virus has been going around and I got it. I got terrible headaches and bad stomach aches. I never wanted to eat anything and I felt pretty bad all together. If you do have the stomach virus it'll go away by itself but you might want to go to the doctor's to get some antibiotics to relieve some of the pain you're feeling. It could be food poisoning too. Was the chicken undercooked? Or was it like old? Where did you get it from?