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I am 18. Ever since my breast started developing my left breast seemed to grow much faster than my right. i didn't really worry about it because i had heard that it wasn't unusual to have one slightly bigger than the other. But like i said i am now 18 and it seems like my right breast has just simply stopped developing, while my left breast has continued to grow. My left breast is a B while my right breast is maybe an A. I am really worried that there is something wrong. i need answers.


Many women have uneven breasts, it is just the way it is. There is no medical problem behind it, it is just how they grew.

Except for buying the bras that would visually correct the problem, there is only surgery that can correct the problem for good. However, surgeries are expensive and you may be left with a scar, something that would additionally make you unsatisfied.

The third option is to accept the way you are. This may be hard when you are still very young but as years go by, you will learn to accept your body the way it is.