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My Mother-in-law said she recently saw a segment on 60 Minutes regarding bladder sling recalls. I had a urethra sling done just over a month ago and want to make sure my sling type wasn't recalled. Any ideas on how to check this? I have already searched the 60 Min's website.
Thank you!



To be honest with you on this one I am not sure if there is a chance that you can test yourself at home in order to see if this happened to your bladder sling. If this condition happens you will have problems like you did before you had this procedure. I think that you can get to your doctor and talk to him about this to see if there is anything wrong with your bladder sling. Have you noticed any pain in your bladder area? Do you have any problems while you urinate? I hope that you won’t have this and that you found this helpful in any way.

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