I had a pelvic sling with botox at the end of may 2013. I can't believe the pain on my side and lower back. I'm now not even able to urinate much myself, just a little and  my doctor has  me cathing 4-6 times a day. I'm so depressed all this has happen. Now all I want is to be able to go on my own. I went to another doctor last week doing testing on Monday. This doctor seems to think maybe the pelvic sling or tape they use is too tight and it's cutting off the urethra flow. Have to see what test determs. The test is were you come with a full bladder, then have to go to the bathroom after that check with some thing like ultra sound and it shows how much I am still holding still, some thing like that. I just want this all to go back to normal, tired of the u.t.i's. This all really stinks.