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I had a bladder sling surgery done on December 18,2007. It was done vaginal so there was no "real" incision' but on the inside where the sling is at I still pretty much have a constant pain like it's pulling. At my 4 week check up the doctor said "its still adjusting" at my 8 week check up I was told the same thing but she said that in 4 more weeks that if it wasn't better she would go in there and give me a steroid shot I lasted 2 weeks and called her and said I couldn't stand it and I wanted the shot now and I got the shot. 4 weeks later when the pain was the I started Physical Therapy (Which was not pleasant) recieved another steroid shot did Physical Therapy for 6 weeks and 7 months later I still can't lift anything, it hurts to vacuum, sometimes it just plain hurts for no reasons. Like its just plains pulling. like it's "still adjusting". What do I do? Do I bother calling her again, getting a second opinion, keep feeling like a wimp or what? Anyone else have this problem? :'(


I'm scheduled to go in, a week from tomorrow to get my uterus removed, then a sling place for my bladder. I'm really nervous.  I've heard only bad nothing good. But they have not recalled the item, so it makes me think there are several out there that haven't had any problems.