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took my tonsils & aneoids out aug 8th. im on day 6 of recovery . when i left the hospital i was fine i couldnt eat but i was fine . day 2 the pain wasnt that bad by day 3 til now is the worst pain i ever felt i can tolerate it but dam it was bad ! besides the pain & not being able to eat the only problem im having now is the excess saliva . i have so much saliva i dont understand why & now the scabs are falling off im just in so much pain but its not as bad as i thought i read so many stories but its exactly not that bad . can someone just please tell me what to do about all this saliva (spit) !!


You are going through the most painful process of the recovery, the scab phase. Excessive salivation is your bodies way of responding to the pain and irritation. This will last a few days and the excessive salivation will slowly subside. Sorry but it's just part of the healing process.