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I've had 4-5 periods of illness since December. The first was a bout of pharyngitis while in Switzerland (I think the cold air caused it), and ever since I've just been constantly coming down with things. I've had a cold or two, but also a few occasions of something that's like the flu but isn´t, where I feel tired, a little light headed and mildly congested. There's no real fever. Appetite is good, just can't seem to find any energy or strength. It lasts a few days. 

For the first half of the year I was ill almost monthly, and this is my first recurrence since May/June. My bloods were all fine at the start of the summer. I quit smoking in January, which I thought might be the cause. I play sport, train regularly and eat well. I'm close to getting a disciplinary in work because of the frequency of my absences. I had glandular fever as a teen and have been prone to colds and viruses since, but this just seems so non-specific and too frequent. Any ideas?


i have flu symptoms when the discs in my back get pinched.