Since 1972, I have had kidney stones at the rate of at least 1 per month. Most months it is 2 or more. The last 4-5 CAT scans have shown more than 30 stones in both kidneys. I have had every surgery, from stents, laser, to full surgery for removal of varied sizes of stones. One of the worst problems is that ERs no longer provide you with any care except pain medication and a CAT Scan. Prior to this it was an IVP. I am in pain almost always and the only explanation was a kidney contusion while I was in the military. Needless to say, my life has been extremely effected by the pain and suffering associated with this terrible affliction. Everything described here is familiar and I have direct empathy for. One of the biggest travesties that I have encountered is my urologist and the ER physicians lack of understanding of the pain and the degree of pain medications to make the pain tolerable. Now I am on tramadol daily, which is prescribed for both the stones and another disorder. It makes the pain bearable. but in no way relieves it. I frequently wish that my urologist would have a stone so that he would have the empathy to treat me with a prn medication that will relieve the pain when it is intolerable. As a non-drug seeking patient, I have never abused any medication and should be trusted to not abuse medications so that I can avoid the 10-15 hours the ER keeps you before releasing you. I estimate that in the past almost 44 years I have passed about 250 stones.