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Hey everyone out there,


I have a few questions for you. I don’t know do you remember, but my cat was diagnosed with kidney stones a few days ago. It is not only one kidney stone, there are a lot of them – three or four, I think :/

I am healing her from it, but, I believe that natural remedies can help me in this.

So, if you do know something about it, I want to ask you to give me some list of natural remedies for cats with kidney stones?

Somehow, I do believe that this is the only way to treat my cat.


Hey there,


You should continue with therapy that your vet prescribed to your cat, but you can use natural remedies as well.

They are not harmful at all, and they can help your cat to recovery pretty fast.

Here is one recipe that can help you.

Here we go.

Make up ¼ cup of mixture, add approximately a pinch of some type of green powder, which you can find anywhere, in some pet shops. You can also add highly nutritional vital greens with some herbs.

Do not add any type of alcohol.

This is an old recipe, and I am sure that it is great.



Hello. I am really sorry to tell you this, but DS991 I have to disagree with you. This recipe can be very old, but it is not that effective. Sometimes you need to use this recipe for a couple of months before seeing any reaction of your cat. I think that the best way to treat it is to adjust eating plan, and you should give your cat to drink plenty of water. Also, you can try apple cider vinegar, because it is very popular remedy for cats. The best way to treat it is to put some water in your cat's food, as well. Those are the best treatments.



Hey friends.

I really don’t know any natural remedies for cats with kidney stones.

Personally, I have never heard about that mix, I know that some herbs can help in this case, but I am not so sure that they are any effective.

Usually, when my cat had problems with kidney stones, I was treating it with some good diet program. I was putting some water in the food of my cat, and I was combining this with some medications that my vet prescribe me.

But, I would also like to know are there some really good, natural remedies?





What’s up there?


Well, kidney stones in cats are totally the result of the modern way of life today. Natural cat health prevents the formation of kidney stones in your cat.

There are so many ways to prevent it, and to heal it, without sending your cat to the surgery…

The main cause of kidney stones is an unhealthy diet program, and that should be the first sign. Commercial cat food provides unhealthy diet program, and sometimes, it is more expensive than program that your vet tells you that it is the best.

To treat it, you need to feed your cat with natural and good quality diet program.



Hey everyone.

Chamomile tea is always a good idea, but it can’t cure your cat – you got the point in that. I am totally against herbal medicine, I don’t know why, but somehow, I don’t trust it.

I think that there are a lot good cures that can help cat in this condition.

For example, you can try apple cider vinegar therapy, and it should be organic unfiltered. Also, real cranberry juice can be really helpful.

Also, you can add a little bit of baking soda to the vinegar or mix it in the food.

Avoid dry food :)


Good luck!



I have a 20 female tabby cat. She has just started having complications with stones. To ease the inflammation I started her on CBD oil. After about 15mins. after giving her some orally the trying to urinate with nothing coming out behavior stops. She rests and gets up later and goes right to eating drinking water. CBD oil is a great anti-inflammatory for her. It seems like every three days she needs a dose. I also have a all natural probiotic with enzymes powder I mix with her wet food. I am next going to put some CBD drops on her back which will absorb into her body and monitor her behavior to see if I could do this vs giving orally. I highly suggest folks try CBD with their cats. Non toxic and all plant. I buy high quality full spectrum all organic.