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I'm 16, i lost my virginity about 5 months ago and now my vagina is red, itchy, sore, and swollen. i noticed this about a week ago.I cant go to the doctor because my parents don't know that i had sex before so PLEASE HELP ME.!!!!!! I'm very worried. Could this be an STD? 


Has this been going on for 5 months, or has it just started? Are you still sexualy active? Is there a burning sensation when you pee, any discharge or odor?

These questions are relevant so we can determine what is going on. You may just have a yeast infection, these are common and can be quickly treated. Never use fear of your parent's as an excuse not to see your doctor, that is just plain stupid. You have several options, and one of them being Planned Parenthood. They are there to help you and everything is discreet and confidential. Your parent's don't have to know at all. While your there, talk to them about birth control, and grab a handful of condom's on the way out, they are FREE!