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I've been kinda itchy all day, and when I passed urine at the end there was this odd jelly-like substance, similar in texture to a gummy-sweet. What is this? It is serious, or should I wait to see if it recurs and then do something about it if it does?


Hi there,

This sounds to me like this is blood cloths in your urine or maybe your urine had a high concentration of blood in it. Are you a male or female? If you are female you might have a yeast infection that caused the discharge in your urine. Have you ha any unprotected sex in past few weeks? You might have some sort of sexually transmitted disease if you had sexual activity without protection. My suggestion would be to go to hospital and test your urine. This can be something very serious that might need immediate treatment. Have you changed anything in your diet? Changes in urine can be caused by changes in the diet. I hope this helped.