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Hi there
I'm 65 years old man recently I have problem urinating many times day and night my after taking antiboitic for infection it becomes worse urinating the result of urine comes good no infection no white blood cells but just red blood cells in urine and I had fever now.I'm post liver transplant since 1997 in UCLA with no complications.
Rasheed >Kuwait



Blood in urine is not something that you wish to ignore and hope that it will pass on its own. Although this is a common problem and many people like to ignore this thing it’s a fact that this might be caused by a serious condition. Problem is that you can’t really know the cause of this condition until your test your urine in the hospital. The interesting thing is that your urine test come clean whit no infections. Do you have any problems with genitals or prostate maybe? Sometimes when prostate gets enlarged it can cause problems with your urine. Also there is a chance that you might have a cancer in prostate.

I helped that this helped a bit.