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I have been having unprotected sex with a virgin for a few months, I've had a sexual history before and always been regularly checked by the free health clinic for most common STDs without blood work and always been negative. Never had any blood work done, but never really felt I needed to.
I've had one "STD scare" in the past in which I went to my doctor and got a creme for a fungal infection.

Last night I slept with a girl I'd slept with once before unprotected and didn't have any problems the first time.
We slept together about 5:30-6 AM this morning. I went to sleep in her bed alone, naked, until about 11 AM. I woke up, put my clothes on and came home. I took a shower and washed pretty thoroughly, or so I thought, put on clean clothes and went to work.
I worked from noon to 6:30, drove an hour home and got a friend to take him to dinner. Halfway through dinner I felt somewhat of a pain like something had bitten my leg, I went into the bathroom to check out what it was and to my surprise it wasn't just an ant bite or something as I'd thought, but a patch about 2 x 2 inches of red pimples/blisters on my right leg. When you pop them puss and blood comes out. It's pretty painful.
It's not on my balls, not on my penis, not above my penis, just on my right leg.

I plan on going to the doctor in the AM but I don't know how long blood work will take if he says I need it or what.
I'm freaking out, obviously.
Anyone care to help?


First, she is not a virgin any more. If you have had an STD in the past, you might want to use a condom until you really know the girl. In the heat of passion she is not likely to say "there was this guy before you" just like you don't bring up that your last STD test came back negative. It is possible that something did bite you and you are having a reaction to it. While at the doctor's office getting the blood test have them check for STD's etc too. If you are positive, you have an ethical obligation to tell her and anyone else recent. Could be you weren't the only one getting some from the girl(s) and they passed it on to you.