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My upper/inner thighs are covered by these tiny little dots. the bigger ones are sometimes reddish and seem to be somewhat clear with a non-colored liquid underneath. they cause no pain what-so-ever and are more pink really than anything. they tent to somewhat change colors and change their pigment when i pull on my leg around them. recently more, smaller, almost pencil tip sized white bumps have appeared places. these also cause no pain or discomfort at all. they are not stiff but are not smooth. i am sexually active but these do not resemble any type of pictures of herpes, follucidis, or even warts. the closest resemblance would be papules but they are nowhere near as red and to be honest dont even really look like them. they are almost entirely independent from eachother, two have joined together. one i acctually popped which i know is a terrible idea, and it has almost a small crater with a dark, but not black, spot. it doesnt feel like a scab at all. none of them are on any part of my balls, penis, or lower stomache. they are scattered on both sides of my thighs and some you cant even see but you can feel. very much skin-colored to pinkish colored spots. any ideas whatsoever. i do masturbate regularly and i use socks that i have worn that day usually. is there a possibility i have these because of that, i also do not usually wash the area after masturbating and usually do get some sperm on my legs, could it be a result of sleeping while that soaks in. any answers or advice would help, i have no idea what it is and cannot seem to find too many instances where people have the same symptoms on any of these forums. thanks a lot.


Well, "dots" or bumps can be caused by lots of things. Ignore the pictures of herpes and other STD's on the internet--those are only the most extreme cases.

If those dots get worse you need to go see a doctor and have them at least look at them. The worst they will do is take a swab test.

Also, as for the socks I wouldn't use them to masturbate. You don't want the potential for infection from your feet (you could have a fungus) to grow anywhere near your genitals. You can always use a condom to masturbate if you are worried about getting sperm everywhere.

Good Luck.