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I'm 16 still a virgin masturbate about once or twice a week ok now we got that out of the way recently (about 2 weeks ago) i noticed one flaky spot on my foreskin i thought it was just dead skin...but then more spots appeared around the foreskin they itch constantly but they only appeared on the foreskin until recently (about 3 day ago) i found a spot on my shaft i believe its spreading all on my penis i didnt shower much before i found them since it is summer break but now i shower every other day im treating this i a mature way i would even ask my mom to take me to the doctor if she would tell everyone i had a std i really dont want to hear her reaction but i will if there is no other way... which comes to my questions:

1. What type of disease are these syptoms relating to?
2. Is there any possible way i can get diagnosed with out my mom finding out?


You probably have a fungus. Get some anti fungal cream. Being uncircumcised makes it easy for us to get infections and fugus.